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Volume 2 Chapter 7 Progress: 100% (Last Updated 06/20/2017)

Chapter 7-1 is up

Title self explanatory… not much to comment on that 🙂


6-2 Up and some news…

Hello, I am 魂の影(Tamashii no Kage), I am the new translator of this series, not really new but… I will be translating Mayo Chiki! from now on.

6-2 is up and you should find it from the dropdown menu. Enjoy

Chapter 6-1 is up

Hi there!
The first part of the final chapter of Volume 2 is now up.

As usual you can find it via the link below or by clicking “next page” from Chapter 5-3. The dropdown menu will be updated shortly.

Have fun!


Chapter 5-3 is up

Hi folks!

Here the provisional link to chapter 5-3 until the dropdown is updated:

The technical problems on Nurin’s side seem to be mostly resolved now, so we’re planning for more frequent updates in the future.

Re-edits of earlier chapters are also coming along nicely, but I’ll probably post them all at once when everything is finished – maybe as a little bonus when Volume 2 is completed.

For now, please enjoy the current chapter.


Chapter 5-2 is up

And again like the title promises.
This time the dropdown menu is already updated, so no necessity to post a link 🙂

Chapter 5-1 is up

Just as the title promises.
Provisional link here; menu will be updated soon.

Chapter 4-4 is online


I’m Mirage, the new editor of this project – nice to meet you all. I’m also going to be posting the updates from now on, since Nurin has some technical problems at the moment.

Just a quick announcement that chapter 4-4 is now online, but you all read that in the title of this post, so duh…

Please note that the new chapter will not appear in the dropdown menu yet, since editing that takes special privileges. Will be fixed by a site admin soon, so until then just use this link:

So since I’m here already, I could as well tell you about our future plans: Of course we’re going to try to get back to something resembling a schedule.  At the same time I’m going to work through the chapters that are already online from the beginning and give them another editing pass. So far the current chapter (Vol 2, chapter 4) as well as chapters 1 and 2 of Volume 1 have been completely overhauled for your enjoyment. Don’t worry – new releases will always have priority over that.

Finally, I’d like to give a shout-out to the other LN I’m working on here – Qualidea. I’d like to say “If you like Mayo Chiki, you’ll also like that one” but I guess the target audiences are quite different… Still it’s a great LN, trust me 🙂