Chapter 4-1

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Volume 2

Chapter 4: Butler and Maid – Part 1

“Good morning, Jirou-kun.”

The next day.

After waking up, I headed to the living room, and there I saw Suzutsuki Kanade. She was in a maid uniform.


Hey hey… Look at what she’s wearing this early in the morning.

“How is it? I bought in on my way here… I wonder if it suits me.”

She lifted her short skirt slightly and spun once to show off her maid dress.

Along with the fluffy frills, there was also an apron dress. The black and white dress contrasted strangely with her shiny black hair. No matter how I looked at it, she looked just like a maid.

But the one standing there was Suzutsuki Kanade.

She was a hardcore ojou-sama.

The ojou-sama was now a maid.


She was now wearing a maid-dress, but even so she was still obviously an Ojou-sama.

What’s with this huge discrepancy? It made my heart skip a beat.

“Are you okay? You don’t look too good. Did you not get enough sleep?”

The maid Suzutsuki peeked at my face.

No. No.

What does she want, acting like this now now?

“…The reason I lack sleep is all because of you!” I answered while holding in my yawn.

Of course.

If you were put in such a situation you wouldn’t be able to sleep either.

Because—Last night, they had made me sleep in the same room as Subaru-sama…


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