Chapter 3-3

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Volume 1

Chapter 3-3


After hearing my story, Suzutsuki erupted into laughter.

“Don’t laugh!”

After that incident, no matter what argument I used or what I said, she refused to open the door to her room. Since there was no helping it, I came to the academy before her.

“I wonder if she is okay. I hope that she isn’t absent today because of what happened earlier this morning.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it.”

Suzutsuki said confidently.

“Well, she is right there. Your sister.”

She pointed behind me.

“Ha?” when I turned around, there was the rooftop’s door.

And there were a pair of big pupils peering this way from the gap of the open door.


The moment I raised a moaning voice like in a horror movie.

*Doon* The door was opened, and from there appeared a short skirt that I was used to seeing.

It was Kureha.

“I was searching for you, Nii-san.”

“You… Since when were you there?”

“Just now, I guess. That aside, why is Nii-san together with a celebrity like Suzutsuki Kanade?”


“…Hmm. If you don’t want to tell, you don’t need to, since I already understand everything.”


You understand?

What do you understand?

“As expected, Nii-san is going out with Konoe-senpai.”

“Why do you always drag the conversation in that direction?!”

I wonder if her thinking circuits are connected to outer space. Just when I thought that she was talking about something seriously, it seems like it was my misinterpretation.

“But, there’s no other way to think about it. Yesterday, we had that incident, and today, Konoe-senpai came to get Nii-san.”

“Tha- that is…”

Ugh, she has a point.

If you think about what happened yesterday and this morning, you can’t help but to think that way.

“And what’s more… Nii-san is…”

“Wait a second! What’s up with this ‘Nii-san is…’!? What kind of older brother do you think I am…”



Why is this happening? Why does my family… Why does my little sister think that I am gay!?

“It’s okay, Nii-san. I will try to be unprejudiced towards people with this kind of taste.”

“Stop it! Don’t look at me with such sympathetic eyes! I am undoubtedly a hetero!”

“Yeah, that’s right… Nii-san also likes women…”

“What do you mean by [Also]? I really only like women!”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it now…”

“You didn’t get it! You didn’t get anything!”

“…Then… What is going on? Explain it in a way that I can understand.”


If I could explain, I would!

But Suzutsuki is here.

I don’t know what this woman would do to me if I told Kureha that Konoe was a girl. Maybe she would brainwash us and delete our memories.

I looked to my side, fearing what I would see, but Suzutsuki only sighed.

“I understand. Since it turned out like this, I will tell you the truth.”

“Su- Suzutsuki…”

“There’s no other way, right? Since it came to this, I can’t hide it anymore.”

Suzutsuki firmly turned to Kureha’s side. And her lips slowly started to release words.

“Sakamachi-san. What you saw wasn’t wrong. Subaru… Likes your older brother.”



What is she saying so suddenly?

“As I expected…”

Kureha nodded. I wanted to refute this affirmation, but my mouth didn’t move due to the shock.

“But relax, Jirou-kun isn’t going out with Subaru for now…”

“Heh… Seriously?”

“Yeah, seriously. Because…”

After a pause, Suzutsuki said.

“Jirou-kun is going out with me.”


What kind of sensational thing are you saying!?


I felt like a full swing from a metal bat had struck the back of my head.

“What… What did you say…”

“This… This can’t be possible! This has to be a lie. Why would a person like Suzutsuki-senpai go out with Nii-san?”

“`Why` you ask? Is it strange for me to go out with a classmate?”

“That’s not it, but…”

“Uuuh,” Kureha moaned. From her look, I could tell that she wasn’t believing it. This was understandable, since I also didn’t understand anything.

“But… No, I won’t believe it! If you don’t show me proof, I won’t believe this story!”

“The birth mark on his side.”

Kureha became shocked from those words, as if she had been shot with a gun.

“Jirou-kun has a birth mark on his left side, right? The fact that I know this much should be concrete proof.”

“Wh- what do you mean by that…?”

“Oh, do you want to hear?”

She had a dirty smile on her face.

“This is because I removed Jirou-kun’s clothes. And of course, in a bed.”

Suzutsuki-san was able to say such outrageous things without having the slightest change in her expression.

Of course, she is not technically lying. The truth is that yesterday she removed my clothes on the infirmary’s bed. Even though nothing happened.

But my dear sister who didn’t know anything about it was stunned and had a completely red face.

“No… This can’t… In the bed…”

“I told you, right? I am going out with Jirou-kun. Then isn’t it normal?”

“This… This has to be a lie… Nii-san would never…”

Kureha’s eyes were spinning. By the way, my mind was already spinning. Just now I was barely able to stand. I couldn’t follow such a violent change of situation.

“Bu- but… But Nii-san has problems when girls touch him and…”

“This is okay. Such an obstacle we will overcome with our love. At least, I think like this…”


Suzutsuki’s words were a great shock, and Kureha was already upset. If she had a towel, she would have already thrown it in.

“That’s why I want to support you.”


In a sudden change, she started speaking using soft words.

“I want Subaru to fall in love with a girl. As his master(1), and also as Jirou-kun’s lover, I wish that from my heart. That`s why, Sakamachi-san.”

She took a ticket from her pocket. This time it wasn’t a butler ticket. These were entrance tickets to the Leisure Land that had reopened close by.

But I wonder why there were four of them.

“Let’s go play there this Sunday.”

“Let’s go… Play?”

“Yeah, me, Jirou-kun, Subaru, and you, the four of us. I think that this is called a double date, if I’m not mistaken. Right, doesn’t it sound fun for you?”

Suzutsuki smiled gently.

The one who stood there was undoubtedly Suzutsuki Kanade.

The most beautiful girl in the academy.

Her appearance was that of a perfect Ojou-sama.

“Sakamachi-san… No, Kureha-chan. I want you to work hard. And in exchange, I will cheer for you with all I have. Because… In the future, you might end up being my little sister.”

With a perfect smile, she shot the final bullet.

It was decided.

No matter how you looked at it, the dispute was settled.

“I understand, Suzutsuki-senpai… No, Onee-sama.”

Kureha closed her fists tightly. She should have reached some decision.

“I will definitely save Konoe-senpai from the wrong path!”

“Fufu, thanks, Kureha-chan. I will rest my hopes on you.”

Kureha and Suzutsuki held hands firmly.

Looks like there was a deep bond made between them that you couldn’t express with words.


Well, how do I put it…

Suzutsuki Kanade.

As expected, this girl isn’t a normal girl.

To have that Kureha in her hands.

“Then, Onee-sama, I will be heading back to my class. I will be looking forward to this Sunday.”

Kureha left the rooftop while energetically waving her hands.

After seeing her go…

“…Hey, Suzutsuki!”

“What? Jirou-kun?”

“What you said just now…”

“Heh. That was pure bullshit. And I just happened to have those tickets by chance.”

Suzutsuki was saying that as if nothing had happened.

She is a demon.

After removing the mask of an honors student, once again, Devil Suzutsuki reappeared. Help me, priest! Someone, please request an exorcist from the Vatican to come here.

“But there was no helping it, right? If I didn’t tell that lie, Jirou-kun would have ended up revealing Subaru’s secret.”

“Indeed, but… But for you to say that we are going out…”

“This is okay. She doesn’t look like the type that goes around spreading this kind of information.”

Right, she isn’t that kind of girl, but… Is this really okay? If Konoe hears about it, she will look at me like an enemy that has put his hands on her master and will take my head to the guillotine…

“But… Why are you going to play?”

“Oh, that’s why…”

Suzutsuki was laughing.

“Doesn’t it sound very interesting? This is the first time I’ve faced this strange situation since I was born. I can’t help but to look forward to Sunday.”


I gave up halfway.

I wonder why.

I feel like I’m starting to understand this human called Suzutsuki.

She just likes things that are interesting and make her laugh. Maybe she is just deprived of those. Since she is a sheltered ojou-sama, she shouldn’t have such things in her life. She hates boredom, and she is always searching for something to entertain her. And for that sake, she doesn’t mind the methods.

This is a typical crime for pleasure: the real meaning of trouble maker. Like this, instead of a devil, it would be better to call her a small devil. I can see her black feathers waving on her back.

“Well, it will also be a part of your treatment.”

Suzutski smiled like a true small devil.

“Give it your best, my ‘fake’ boyfriend. If you aren’t careful, you might die from blood loss.”

“Ye- yeah.”

She peeked at me with upturned eyes, and I turned away.

Because this is unfair.

She is already pretty cute when she is in the classroom, but it doesn’t compare to her face now. The smile she had just now… Was cute enough to make me think like that.

“But we have things to do until then.”

I could hear the sound of a deep breath.

A sigh? That Suzutsuki is sighing?

“How can I convince Subaru about this? This is a bit troublesome. That girl will be against me leaving to have fun.”


I didn’t understand the meaning of that girl’s words.

Yeah, the me at that time wasn’t able to understand it.

Her… Suzutsuki Kanade’s melancholic reasons…

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(1)There is a pun here when あの娘 is used instead of あの子. Even though they sound the same, the kanji 娘 is used for girls.
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