Chapter 7-1

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Volume 2

Chapter 7 Part 1

The right way to say thank you

“Jirou, you are such an idiot. Hmph.”

As I began recovering my senses, I was welcomed with words of spite.

…Rather, where am I?

“You’re in the hospital. After that accident you were brought here by an ambulance.”

While I was given that explanation, I slowly regained more of my senses.

Around me was a white wall that gave a sense of cleanliness and a smell of medicine that was familiar to me.

It was hospital room.

Like the owner of the voice said, I was lying down in a hospital bed.

“…It hurts.”

I moaned as a sharp pain attacked my body.

Uwahh, now that I look, my body is completely messed up. When I put my glasses on, I could see my figure wrapped up in bandages like a mummy. I could get a part time job in a monster house like this.

“You should be grateful to Ojou-sama. The Suzutsuki family will pay for your treatment bills as well as your hospitalization fee. Umm… As thanks for stopping our fight…”

A crystal clear Alto-voice.

When I turn my head towards where the voice was coming from, I could see Konoe’s figure sitting in a pipe chair that was left besides the bed, holding a basket with fruits. I wonder if she came to pay me a visit.



I couldn’t help but blink when I saw the scenery that was happening before me.

Next to Konoe.

There was a figure I am used to seeing, lying down in a pipe chair covered by a blanket sleeping peacefully…

“Be sure to be quiet. Only just now she was able to get some rest.”

Saying that, Konoe carefully fixed the blanket.

Yes, it was Suzutsuki Kanade.

The one sleeping defenselessly beside my bed like the Sleeping Beauty in fairytale was without a doubt Konoe Subaru’s master.

“She was probably very tired. Ojou-sama was very worried since you didn’t wake up .”

“That I didn’t wake up? What time is now?”

“We just passed four in the afternoon. Look, the sky is orange.”

I see, indeed. Thru the window the sky was dyed in a madder red color. Well, it’s like that. Unless time had turned back miraculously, I probably slept for an entire day.

“With that said, I was wondering, what is your body made off, Jirou?”

“What are you asking now?”

“I can’t help but wonder. You were hit by a large truck, but it seems like you can already be discharged today. The nurse just said that. Or are you that hated by the people in this hospital?”

“…Well, something like that.”

I finally understand.

I thought this was rather familiar; this is the general hospital that I often check in to.

Well, since I was a kid I’ve been injured a lot. Of course due to family reasons.

Thanks to that, I know a lot of people here. For some reason everybody looks at me like they were observing some unfamiliar life form.

“This isn’t the resilience of a human. Kureha-chan also. A broken bone healing in two weeks is rather strange.”

“I wonder…”

“Jirou is also rather strange. The truck driver also turned pale when he heard you were alive.”

“That is a bad driver. He could have just been delighted by that.”

“Ojou-sama was also concerned that you could be infected with T-virus.”

Why Biohazard?(1)

“Also, for your cold, after you received an injection you turned a lot better. Well, if we knew it would be like this, we would have called an ambulance from the start.”

“You say some ominous things. I have a feeling that my efforts are not rewarded at all.”

I also want to avoid entering the hospital as much as I can. To tell the truth I don’t like hospitals very much. I think I don’t have a good image since I was always brought beaten-up here.

“Also, it’s better for you to go home soon. Since Kureha-chan must be very depressed right now.”


Why? I am okay. I wonder if she is shocked because Konoe is going back home.

When I said that, Konoe’s face turned lonesome and pained.

“To tell you the truth… Kojirou… The baby dog has gone back to his owner.”


“Do you remember? At that time Kojirou was running really fast on the road, right? That was because his owner was on the other side of the road.”


“His owner was a little primary school girl, and looks like she was also searching for Kojirou. Like that, the lost Siberian husky has gone back to his home— back to his family.”


I see.

That’s why our Ojou-sama(2) has been depressed.

“Poor girl. Kureha-chan was really depressed about it.”

“That much?”

“Yeah. She was crying in even more shock than when you were hit by the truck.”


That heartless person. Seems like your tears are worth nothing.

“Well, it’s just her way of trying to be strong. To tell you the truth, she really wanted to come visit today, but she was looking really down, so I convinced her to stay home. Since I didn’t know when you were going to wake up, I thought that bringing her here would just make her more depressed.”

“Yeah. Then I should go home.”

If it is just because of my wounds then I could have already gone home. Even for me, my recovery speed is too tremendous. To be healed to this extent in a single day— this might be a new record.

“Well, I am sorry that you had to come to visit me. But, I am okay now. These wounds will heal soon and— above all else, I have a proper desire to live.”

“?? What are you talking about? Are you looking forward to something from now on?”

Konoe tilted her head in wonder.

Fufu, what are you saying?

Two thirds have already passed by. But today is still May 3rd. It’s still Golden Week.

This is exactly what I was waiting for.

When I go home today, Kureha will not try to play pro-wrestle with me. I am still recovering from a disease, and I still am wounded.

It’s fairly delayed from the original plan, but from today on my shining Golden Week will restart!!

“I am sorry to tell you that it’s impossible.”


My ambition was easily destroyed.

“Today is May 5th after all…”



Time, time!

What is she saying now?

“I’m serious. Look, it’s what it says on my cellphone screen.”

You’re lying, right?

I took Konoe’s cellphone and looked at the date. On there was written May 5th.

Heh? What’s happening? If I slept for an entire day, wasn’t today supposed to be May 3rd?

“Looking at your face I can tell you don’t really understand what’s happening here. Jirou, you were carried here on May 2nd. After that, you slept for three days.”


“The doctor that examined you said that you would wake up soon since there was no risk to your life. But I never thought you would sleep so much. You oversleeping bastard.”


“That’s why today, the Golden Week is over. That said, we have school from tomorrow on. You’re happy, right? You weren’t too late to go to school.”

Congratulations on your discharge.

Saying that, Konoe started clapping in a moderate way without making much sound.


This is too much.

Why? Why do you give me such useless punch lines.

Hahh, My Golden Week is… I wonder if my cold can’t come back and make me stay at the hospital…

“Then since I have some things I must do, I will be leaving.”

“Things you must do?”

“Ahh, to tell you the truth you aren’t the only one staying in this hospital.”

Probably in order not to wake Suzutsuki up, Konoe raised silently from her chair.

“After you fell down, well… My dad also got sick and was hospitalized.”



Don’t tell me…

“Probably your cold was transmitted to him. Since his body and mind were weak from living under a bridge in a way he wasn’t used to, he was carried here together with you. That’s why…. I will reluctantly go pay him a visit, just for a minute.”

“Waah, this must really be…”

How pitiful.

But, we are talking about that old man here. Since probably the very reason for his body weakening was his daughter rejection, I think that Konoe going to see him may get him better in no time.

It’s something no one should butt into.

With this, maybe they will fix their family’s relationship.

Probably Konoe was trying to put up a façade so she didn’t say anything, but she must have really wanted to make up with her dad.

Because— You never know when your parents are gonna disappear from this world.

I’m sure Konoe knows that too.

She must understand it.

“Also, Jirou doesn’t need me to take care of you.”


The way she said it seemed like she wanted to worsen the mood here. Why? She got angry because I forcefully made her go back to the mansion?

“But— I was really happy.”


“That time, even though you were completely beaten up, you told me that you ‘wouldn’t die’. You were so desperately trying to make it so that I wouldn’t cry. That’s why I will also believe those words— that promise. I will believe you.”


“But, in exchange for that.”

She took a deep breath as though as she was bearing something.

“I will make you bear the responsibility for those words.”


“Yeah. I beg you, please don’t break your promise. Jirou is a precious… friend. I don’t want my friends to die. That’s why—if you betray your words and soon go and die, I…”

–Wait, you’re going to cry.

Konoe was looking like she was about to cry—But she properly held her tears back and said that.


I properly nodded.

I have the impression that I said something outrageous, but since I was the one that said it, I can’t really help it.

And—It’s okay.

Even you don’t make me promise it, I already know.

I will never make you sad again.

And in order to do that, I have to become stronger and stronger.

“…Un…. Hey, hey Jirou.”

“Hm? What?”

When I asked that, Konoe’s cheeks dyed red in shyness.

And like that, “th… tha…” She started moving her lips like she was trying to say something.

Thank you.

At last.

She was trying very hard.

With that kind of awkward expression of gratitude, Konoe left the room.

“Thank you, huh?”


From the bed that I was lying down on, I tried to repeat those words that Konoe just told me.

How can I put it—I can’t believe it.

To think that that the Subaru-sama that is famous for his unfriendliness would thank his classmate.(3)

“But this really makes me a little embarrassed, huh.”

The area around my chest was a bit painful and wouldn’t calm down.

I feel rather strange.

What do I do? She just thanked me, but my chest is already beating on and on and doesn’t gives sign of stopping. Doesn’t this means that my cold is back?

When I looked towards the door that Konoe left through, with a stupid face while immersed in the aftertaste of the feeling that came from my chest—

“—Heeeh, that’s rather unusual.”

A cold voice shook the mood in the hospital room.

When I looked in the direction the voice came from, I could see Suzutsuki with her eyes wide open, sitting on the chair.

“Y-you, since when were you awake?”

“Since around [Don’t Be sure to be quiet. Only just now she was able to get some rest.]”

Then haven’t you been awake since early on! Guh, what a failure. To think that this cold blooded animal had heard my monologue just now. Later on she will probably use that to intimidate me.

“But this is really unusual—To think that that Subaru would say [thank you] to another classmate besides me. If it was some time ago, I wouldn’t even be thinking about it.”

As she took away the blanket from her body, Suzutsuki started laughing soundly.


That’s why I was afraid.

How much I will be ridiculed by this ojou-sama just for the things I said just now.

“But—Since you showed that, I think it would come to this anyway…”


Unexpectedly those words came from Suzutsuki’s mouth.

“At that time—When you tried to convince Subaru even though you were covered in blood, you were different from the usual—You weren’t such a chicken-bastard.”

“?? What are you saying? Are you mocking me? You must be holding some sort of grudge for telling you to ‘leave my sight’ there!”

Now that I think, it was a rather rude way to say it. We are talking about that Ojou-sama. It must be a first for her to listen such a rude way of speaking.

“—Hmmm, yeah. To be told such a thing by some member of the opposite sex. It was a first for me.”

For some reason.

Suzutsuki climbed quickly onto the bed.

She put all the weight of her body over mine.

“Now that I think about it, what about you gynophobia? Do you think you got over it a bit more living with Subaru for a bit?”

“Hmm? Aah, thanks to you. I think I’ve become a bit more used to being touched by women now.”

Well of course a lot has happened. Like the training incident, the bathtub incident. Of course my phobia would be a little better than before.

“Heh. I see.”

When she said that, her silhouette suddenly closed the distance between us.

“Then, let’s test it?”

“? What?”

“Of course. How much have you gotten used to women.”

That was—Something that happened in the blink of an eye.


Without notice.

Suzutsuki’s lips—were pressed against mine.


Without thinking I just jumped off the bed.

I could feel something warm around my nose.

It was a nosebleed.

As usual, it came to this after I was touched by a girl.


This isn’t the time for that.

“Whaat? This sure isn’t good at all. If you are getting a nosebleed from this, it looks like our complicit relationship is going to go on for a long time.”

Suzutsuki said that like nothing happened just now.

“He, heeeeeeeeeeey! Wha, what are you doing so suddenly?”

It was so sudden that I can’t even work my tongue properly.

Or rather… Heh? What? What she now, she doesn’t mean…

“What are you fussing about? Just for a kiss?”


What a thing! She said it clearly and loudly.

“This is just light physical contact . This is normal overseas.”

“Shut up! This is Japan!”

“This is the period of the globalization.”

“Like I care! If it’s like that I would prefer we isolate ourselves from other nations! And also…”


“Y-you, you didn’t say that your first love was Konoe?”

Yes, this Ojou-sama’s first love is supposed to be Konoe Subaru.”

To think that even though she has someone that she likes properly she would still kiss a classmate.

“Don’t misunderstand me. I indeed love Subaru. But you see–.”

After saying that peerlessly.


“A first love is a first love. It doesn’t mean that it will still keep on to this day.”

That’s why it isn’t a problem even if I kiss whoever I want, right?

Asking that, the ojou-sama put her red tongue tip out and gave a smile.


It’s a lie.

This must be a lie.

Someone tell me it’s a lie.

Because, what happened just now, was also my first…

“By the way, this was my first kiss.”


When I got surprised, she teasingly smiled at me.

Just like a little devil.

“Well. I should go back.”

Like if nothing happened.

Suzutsuki dashed to the door.

I thought she would run away just like that, but right when she reached the door, she turned her lustrous black hair around and said.

“Farewell, Jirou-kun.”


She said that with a lovely smile that made my heart skip a beat.


Just a simple sentence,

As if she was singing her favorite song, she continued with a very happy smile,

“Let’s meet again tomorrow at the school, Jirou-kun.”

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(1) Biohazard is the name of Resident Evil in japan.
(2) He’s referring to Kureha not Suzutsuki here.
(3) Subaru-sama is indeed Him/his/he because when referring to him, it’s not really Konoe Subaru herself, but the cross-dressing alter-ego created by her fans.

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