Chapter 3-1

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Volume 1

Chapter 3-1

Chapter 3 – A Girl’s Melancholy


The next day.

On the rooftop during lunch break.

Suzutsuki was laughing loudly under the clean white sky.

She was convulsing and laughing so hard that I thought she was going to run out of oxygen.

“…Don’t laugh. This is a serious situation.”

If I was able to, I would also laugh. But… I can’t really believe it. That Kureha would fall in love with Konoe…

“See, wasn’t it just as I had said? If you look at the outcome, Jirou’s little sister ended up waking up to some weird fetishes.”

“Hey, let’s stop with this way of talking. If this keeps up, a hole will open up in my stomach from the stress.”

Yeah… The reason for all this was that kick.

No, it’s not like my little sister has that kind of strange fetish.

[Love someone who is stronger than you].

Now that I think about it, Kureha used to often say this a long time ago.

But sadly, Kureha is a part of the Sakamachi household… She is the heaven-sent child for martial arts.

Undefeated her entire lifetime.

No similarly aged boy had been able to defeat Kureha up until now.

This was the first time that she had tasted defeat.

Konoe Subaru.

She was literally completely beaten by her.

But the problem is…

“Isn’t it okay? I think that they suit each other.”

“…Are you serious?”

“If the both of them love each other, they can overcome any barrier.”

“Honestly, don’t expect me to agree. I didn’t call you here to act like this.”

Konoe is not here right now… Or rather, why didn’t I call her to hear this conversation?

Like this, I’m alone with Suzutsuki.

If the boys of the academy saw me in this situation, I would receive a nighttime assault, but I can’t bother with this now. In this situation, I have to fight with what I currently have.

“Kureha doesn`t know Konoe’s secret. Or do you want it to turn into that kind of relationship?”

“Heh, but lately this kind of romance isn’t so strange. Furthermore, there’re people with that kind of taste closer than you imagine.”

No. I’m guessing that in the whole world, there’re very few of those people. I bet they are all living in the Galapagos Islands.

“Anyways, cooperate with me, Suzutsuki. You are also responsible for it.”

Suzutsuki stared at me with a dumbfounded expression.

“Yeah… This morning you sent Konoe to my house again.”

“Right, was there any problem?”

“A big one. Because of that, I faced a big problem…”

“?” Suzutsuki was once again completely dumbfounded, and I ended up explaining what had happened this morning in my house.

Yeah, about that nightmarish tragedy that had happened early in the morning at the Sakamachi household…



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