Chapter 3-2

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Volume 1

Chapter 3-2

“Good morning, Nii-san.”

“He-hello, Kureha. What’s up? You don’t look so well, did you not get enough sleep?”

“Yeah. Somehow, my heart was beating so hard that I couldn’t sleep.”


“Heh, now that I look, the color in your face doesn’t look so good, did you also not get enough sleep?”

“Aah… My heart kept beating hard, so I couldn’t sleep.”

“Heh? Nii-san was also excited?”

“No… Don’t worry about it, I’m just thinking about a serious matter. Leaving that aside, just take a shower and relax a bit. I will also take a shower after you.”

“In that case, thank you. Then I will use it first.”

*Step step* Kureha left the living room and went off towards the dressing room.

After a few seconds, *Gatcha* the sound of the front door opening was heard.

“Good morning, Jirou.”

“Ko-Konoe!? What are you doing here?”

“Hmm? This is clearly to go to school tog—no, this is for the sake of keeping an eye on you. That aside, you should lock the front door. This is careless.”


“? Why are you so quiet with that serious face? Was it bad for me to come?”

“N- no, there’s nothing to—”

“Nii-saaa~n. The shampoo in the bathtub has run out. Bring me the one that is in the closet…”

Kureha came back to the living room while saying that.
Half naked.


Probably since she was just about to take a shower, she was only wearing underwear.

My little sister, in that shameless appearance, became completely speechless when she saw the visitor.




We were all silent.

While the silence dominated the living room, Kureha’s face kept changing colors like a traffic light.

With both eyes wide open, she stared with surprise at one single point.

That, for sure, was Konoe Subaru…


The silence was broken.

Kureha ran away from the living room while uttering a cry similar to a death scream.

If you think about an escape route, she probably went to her room.

Without anything bad having happened, the living room was once again devoured by the silence.

End of flashback.

This is—The picture of the tragedy that happened to a girl’s body early this morning at the Sakamachi household.



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