Chapter 1-1

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Volume 1

Chapter 1: The Butler’s Secret – Part 1

Konoe Subaru.

In all probability, there was nobody at Rouran Private Academy who had never heard this name.

Skilled at both academics and athletics. Attractive and good looking. A prodigy of great talent.

If he had been a girl, then all the guys in the school would have been knocked out – that was what they said about this pretty boy as if it were the truth. He was a student who had perfect marks and whom everyone envied.

If the expression “flower on a high peak” was appropriate for some people, then Konoe was the one rose blooming on the peak of Mount Everest.

He had been given the nickname ‘Subaru-sama’.(1)

He was the sort of guy that female students admired and male students looked at with jealousy. I couldn’t believe that he was the same as me, a commoner.

However, the most incredible thing about him was his job:


Yes, he was a butler.

Konoe Subaru’s occupation was without a doubt – a butler.

No, no.

When I first heard that, I doubted my ears.

Butler? What is that supposed to mean? Don’t joke with me. Why does an occupation like that still exist in this modern society? And he’s also attending a normal high school.

Shouldn’t he be quickly designated as a special protected species or something?

That was sort of my reaction when I first heard about Konoe. At first, everyone was like that.

There was simply no way they could believe that something like a butler still existed.

But it was true!

When I saw him calling our classmate Suzutsuki Kanade ‘Ojou-sama’(2) and attending to her reverently, I couldn’t help but believe this dream-like story.


I was jealous.

I was so jealous.

Not only was he popular with the girls, but he was also the butler of that Suzutsuki Kanade?

It made me look at him with envious eyes.

After all, unlike him, I was leading a dull school-life, and I’d never be able to get to know a girl like her!

It wasn’t as if I hated women, and I didn’t play for the other team either. It was just that, thanks to my body, I’d always been bad at approaching females.

Indeed, there was no way I could see Konoe Subaru as anything other than a brilliant person.

In all the remaining time of my school life, I wouldn’t have many chances to get involved with him, huh?

Even when I started my second year and became classmates with Konoe, I didn’t doubt that.

Until I opened that door.


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(1)”Sama” is an honorific used for someone who is of a much higher perceived status than the speaker.
(2)”Ojou” is a term used to mean “daughter of a high-class family”.

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