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Volume 2


Long time no see! These days my down-jacket that has been my favorite for two years has disappeared and doesn’t come back. I’m Asano Hajime.

Well, it was the day I went get my down-jacket I had sent to laundry. When I entered the shop, one of the employees told me without restraint “Sir, your jacket has gone missing.”…

“Missing? What do you been by missing?” when I asked that, the attendant silently made me grab a little check.

Don’t… Don’t tell you are telling me to go buy a new one with this.

While being completely lost one the situation, I couldn’t uphold the pressure coming from the attendant and made my leave from the shop. At that very moment I heard a voice from my back.

“Ah, but when we find your jacket you have to give the money back. Though I don’t know how long it will take till we find it.”


I didn’t say anything anymore. “Kanagawa’s night is sure cold today too…” I couldn’t help but just murmur such a thing while my trembling feet stepped over the asphalt.

But, even for me. My heart was not frozen.

Why do you think? Yes. Because the publish date of Mayo Chiki! Volume 2 was decided!

Even I didn’t dream about releasing the second volume so soon. This is also thanks to all the readers that like this book. I am sincerely thankful! I am pretty sure my down-jacket is also somewhere in this concrete jungle crying in overjoy!

Well well, this crossdressing butler kind of love-comedy is already in its second volume. The concept this time of course is “A butler came to my house!”. Now that I think about it, it’s very similar to a publicity stunt for a certain internet company, but since the contents are that Subaru is pushed to Jirou’s house I can be at ease. Since it’s the second volume it also means that their relationships have moved forward, so, to those that have yet to buy this book, I would really appreciate that you took this book on your hands, just the way you are now and took it to the register to score the grand touchdown.

To the point of releasing this volume two, I’ve cause trouble to a lot of people!

First to my editor Shouji-sama. The moment I saw the Maid Kanade in the cover, I couldn’t help but send to him a message “That neck is completely hot!”, I am sorry for send a message that clearly shows my tastes. I am in your care from no on too.

Following from the first volume, the illustrator that gives life to the beautiful illustrations and characters of this story, Kikuchi Seiji. The nekomimi Subaru in the first illustration is so lovely I can’t explain how I feel. Even though you were so busy, thank you very much.

The editor chief Misaka, everybody in the editorial staff, everybody that works in the distribution or selling department, everyone that gave me advice or cheered me up since the new face award. The days follow and I come to realize more and more that [Mayo Chiki!] would never be this successful with the strength of only one person.

To every reader that has put his hands in this book. I am so grateful for the messages I received in the internet questionnaire about the first volume and the driving school graduation that I can’t bring myself to raise my head. I will devote myself even more to [Mayo Chiki!] so that I can pay back all the kindness you have made me feel.

Well. Now I will give you a preview, if I manage to put out a third volume, the theme will be focused on the academy. A new character will appear, and I bet the daily life of Jirou and the other will be even more lively.

Without further ado. I will step further in the throttle without a break hoping that soon I can see you again, when that time comes, I will be counting on you!

Asano Hajime

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