Chapter 5-1

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Volume 2

Chapter 5: Her Reasons – Part 1

It’s hot.

I woke up with only that thought in my mind.

In the center of my field of view was a ceiling that I was used to seeing. It seemed like they brought me to my bed somehow.

When I looked to the clock on the wall, I was surprised to find that it was already nighttime. How shocking. I slept for almost half a day.


When I tried to get up and put on my glasses that I found at my bedside, the unpleasant sensation assaulting my body made me swallow harshly.


My body was so heavy that trying to get up was a real pain. Plus, there was also the horrible headache that was applying pressure onto my head, reminding me of the time when mother forced me to drink Shochu(1). It felt like I had a hangover for two days.

Also… It’s cold.

My body was as hot as a crab being cooked in hot water, but I was trembling from the cold.

What’s up with this feeling?

Pondering such things, I tried to rely on the bed sheets to protect me from the chills. Just then—


I held my breath.


Konoe was beside me.

Wearing her normal butler clothes, she was sleeping in such a way that it seemed like she was trying to get closer to me.


Errr, what is going on here? I don’t remember buying such a cute dakimakura. Is it an early Christmas present? If that is the case, I can’t help but to conclude that Santa Claus is involved in human trafficking…

“Mmm… Mmmmmm…”

It looked as if Konoe was mumbling something and clinging more and more tightly to my hips.

Don’t tell me she’s mistaking me for some stuffed toy?

Such a gorgeous body and slender fingers. A well-drawn silhouette and the scent of some perfume that permeated the room.

A girl.

Without any doubt, the Konoe who was sleeping by my side right now was a girl. I had to put some distance between us now, or I’d get another nosebleed any moment now.


Aah… But it’s warm.

Was this what they call body heat? Despite the interfering layers of clothes, our bodies were touching. This flowing body heat seemed to be very good for the chills I felt all over my body.

Can I stay like this for a while?

Arriving at such a decision while delirious with fever, I treated her like a real dakimakura and hugged her.

“Nii-san, I’m coming in!”

Suddenly, the door to my room was open.


Yes, Sakamachi Kureha.

After stepping into my room without even knocking, my little sister stood there watching with her eyes wide open as we embraced each other.

“This, this is not what it looks like! I haven’t done anything yet ! Our position is just an inevitability…”

My delirious mind woke up in just a moment.

Aaah, what a mess. If I don’t explain the situation to her soon, my life will be in danger.

I tried pushing Konoe away with both my arms, but thanks to my body’s condition my strength failed me.

Hey, let go of me. If you stay like this, there will hardly be room for any other interpretation.


Without even trying to analyze the situation, Kureha took action.

Her body was dancing in the air.

I had no idea what she was thinking, but she just jumped onto my body. That silhouette was just like a Zero Fighter on a Kamikaze attack against the American Navy. It was a touch down worthy of the NFL.


I tried to take the hit somehow, but my body was as heavy as lead. The result? My body was thrown back onto the bed so that Kureha was lying on top of me.

Normally, this was where curtains started rising on the tragedy.

Yup, it’s show time for the reckless party called pro-wrestling play. Damn, if only my body was at least in a serviceable condition.

My body stiffened from fear.

“Idiot… Nii-san, you idiot…”

What awaited me instead were those surprising words.


When I replied, surprised, Kureha dug her face into my chest and started crying out loud.

Uwaaa, what’s up with this situation? Is this the continuation of that energy recharge from yesterday? But even so, she’s crying way too much. If she really wanted energy, she should try drinking some Pocari(2).

“I-I was… I was really worried about you!”

Kureha hugged me while her sobbing continued.

…This was bad.

It’s bad to make your little sister cry, but this situation where two girls were hugging me was a hundred times worse. My nose was itching. This was clearly a premonition of a gynophobia attack. I had to do something about these two now.

“You’re finally awake.”

A dignified voice. When I looked, the one standing by the door – still in her maid uniform – was none other than Suzutsuki Kanade.

“S-Suzutsuki…” Seeking help with my husky voice, I extended my hand in her direction.

Due to the symptoms of gynophobia, my vision was already flickering like the timer on Ultraman’s collar.

If this keeps up, my consciousness will start holding hands with the God of Death, and they’ll go on a honeymoon to the heavens.

Before my consciousness faded, I had to tell the referee that I give up.


But the worst case scenario happened. Suzutsuki grinned, watching me as a scientist would watch one of their human research specimens.


I cursed my own foolish thoughts, and despite not being Christian I prayed to God.

What was currently crossing my field of vision was the figure of a maid diving directly onto me.

I felt so dumb for putting my hopes on this Ojou-sama.

The moment that thought crossed my mind, my consciousness faded into the darkness together with the feeling of something soft.


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(1) Japanese soup made from sweet potatoes, rice, etc. It usually contains approximately 25% alcohol.
(2) Japanese sports drink.

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