Chapter 2-5

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Volume 1

Chapter 2: The Love Romance Suddenly… – Part 5

“Sorry, Jirou. I didn’t intend to hit your little sister so forcefully.”

Konoe, who had gone back to wearing men’s clothing, bowed deeply.

After Kureha had left, Konoe and I left the game center. Or rather, we ran away. There was no helping it. Since we made such a huge ruckus, there was no way that we could stay there.

We were on our way home. ‘Coincidentally’, Suzutsuki’s and Konoe’s route back home passed right in front of my house, so we went together.

“Don’t be so depressed. If you hadn’t done that, then Kureha wouldn’t have stopped.”

To tell the truth, if Konoe hadn’t known any self-defense techniques, it would have been bad. At the very least, her body would have been broken into pieces. Kureha would have been able to do that easily.

“Look, I will pray that due to Subaru’s kick, your little sister won’t wake up to any weird fetishes.”

“Shut up, Suzutsuki!”

Acting so calm. Who do you think is at fault for things having turned out like this? I fear when I get home, Kureha will definitely be in berserk mode.

“Haah, I wonder if I will have to fix Kumagorou again…”

“…Kumagorou? Who is that?” Konoe made a dubious face.

“Aah, it’s a big teddy bear that Kureha has had ever since she was little. It tends to get damaged often, so when this happens I have to fix it.”

“I see. So she also has a girlish side to her. As expected from a girl.”


I wouldn’t say that… To tell the truth, Kumagorou is a stuffed toy that, when I’m not home, becomes a sandbag in my place…. I can’t tell anyone. Even if my mouth is ripped apart, I can’t tell a single person.

Kureha used to beat it without mercy.I don’t know how many times Kumagorou was found in the burnable trash pile, completely damaged. I’ve also lost count of how many times I’ve fixed Kumagorou.

I feel like Kumagorou is more than a stuffed toy, he is a comrade. Kumagorou and I are passing through the bloodshed of the Sakamachi household in a three legged race.

“Then, let’s meet again tomorrow.” After accompanying me to the front of my house, the two of them went home.

My house was just a normal house… No, for the people that looked from the outside, it would look like a simple house, but in the basement, we have a dojo and a waiting room. There, Kureha and I had received martial arts training since our childhoods. Even though I was the one who always got beaten.

In the garage, there was an all-red top class sports car, but that was also one of our mom’s hobbies. Apparently a long time ago, she used to speed in it through mountain passes. What kind of a street racer were you?

I unlocked the door to the entrance hall.

So, now is the time for the truth. If I don’t give a good explanation of today’s events to Kureha, I have the feeling that I will have my bones broken and will have to go to a hospital.

“… I really hope that she doesn’t break them.”

I opened the door while murmuring things that I didn’t want to happen to me even as a joke, but the house was completely dark.

This is strange. Kureha was supposed to be back home a long time ago.

While thinking that, I turned the hallway lights on. A stuffed bear toy lay there, murdered.


I screamed without thinking. Right in the middle of the hallway was the corpse of a stuffed bear toy, completely torn apart. It was Kumagorou.

This is bad. Kureha should now be as stormy as the Japanese stock market. This ghastly scene speaks for itself. What kind of techniques did she use on Kumagorou to make him become like this?

Kumagorou’s body was so damaged that it seemed almost completely impossible to restore it to its original state. By some chance I met those inorganic plastic eyes and pupils.

[Stay alive!]

I couldn’t believe it. This had to be a hallucination. I had the feeling that the stuffed toy, that wasn’t supposed to have a voice, directed its last words at me.


Aah… Farewell, my beloved comrade. The next time you reincarnate, become a stuffed toy mouse and be loved by your many sons.

I said a silent goodbye to Kumagorou and then wiped away the hot tears that were flowing from my eyes.


“Ku, Kureha?”

I looked up after hearing a familiar voice, and Kureha was standing there. And she was still wearing her uniform.

“Welcome back.”

“Aaah, I’m back…”

Heh? She was calmer than I had expected. Or rather, she was somewhat listless. As expected, losing to Konoe was so frustrating that she became depressed.

“Nii-san… Can I ask you something?”

“What… what’s that?”

I couldn’t help but to feel nervous about my little sister talking so seriously. Don’t tell me she is going to ask me about my last will and testament. My next words could be my last… And that is no joke!

“Is Nii-san is going out with Konoe-senpai?”

“N… No way! He is just a friend of mine. Besides, there’s no way that two guys would become a couple.”

“… I see. Yeah, that’s right. Everything that happened today was just my misinterpretation. Aah, I’m relieved.” Kureha patted her chest,reassured.

Is this the end? And her face is turning completely red. I wonder if she has caught a cold.

“You see… Nii-san. I want some advice…”


“Yeah. I like someone…”


“This is the first time that I’ve ever felt like this, and I don’t know what to do…”


“The truth is… This person is your friend…” Kureha’s cheeks were dyed crimson from embarrassment.

Warning alert issued. I have a bad feeling about this. It feels like I am enjoying a volleyball game on the beach right when a tsunami is on the verge of crashing on me. It’s going to be a big wave!

“Then, about the advice, Nii-san.” Kureha was fidgeting due to her embarrassment. “Does Konoe-senpai have someone he is going out with?”

“I… I’m not sure. I don’t think that he has anyone.”

“I see. So it’s like that… Hehehe,” Kureha laughed. “To tell the truth, Nii-san.”

“Wha, what? My dear sister?”

“I was completely defeatedby that kick!”

“Eh, hehe…”

“Konoe-senpai is strong and cool.”

“Yeah… I guess so…”

“I… ended up falling in love with him!”


This is bad, my father in the heavens. Your daughter has fallen in love with a girl.


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