Chapter 6-2

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Volume 2

Chapter 6 Part 2

When I awoke, I was staring at the sky.I could feel the hard asphalt under me.


Why am I sleeping in such a place?

“Don’t let him move! He may have hit his head!”

I could hear Suzutsuki’s voice. Incredible. I could not believe the worried tone I was hearing. This is my first time seeing this side of Suzutsuki. It was so incredible that I want to film it with my cellphone.

“No… Noo— Nii-san! Nii-san!”

In that moment I could see Kureha’s face in front of my eyes.

…This is strange.

Why is she crying?


Aaah— I see…

I tried to help Kureha and ended up lying like that. Wow, looking back at it now, I was knocked away quite hard.

I moved my eyes slightly and spotted the truck from before, stuck in an embankment.

He must have hit it when he tried to avoid me. I wonder if he is okay. I really hope the driver wasn’t injured.

I heard barking in my ears.

Is it Kojirou?

Now that I think about it, I am only like this because of you… Aff, this little—Be prepared, because when we get home, I am going to throw away your dog food.

“What do we do…? Blood… There’s so much blood…”

Gah, shut up Kureha.

You are so used to seeing me shedding blood when playing pro-wrestling, so why are you so worried now?

At least I am sure of one thing… Kureha is safe.

From what I can see, she doesn’t even have a scratch.

…Thank God.

Now… I can rest in peace.

Why is it…?

It must be because I haven’t slept well lately, but I am really sleepy. There’s no doubt that if I sleep now, I will be able to rest nicely. I will really have the rest I didn’t have for two days.

Aah—Then good night.

I murmured that to myself and slowly closed my eyes.


A very scared alto voice.

When I opened my half-closed eyes, I could see Konoe peering into my face.

She was crying — a lot.


Hey hey, stop that.

Please, stop.

Why—Why are you crying again?


Radio calisthenics number one, I am counting on you, largely, breath deeply. (1)

It hurts.

Just sucking the air in and pushing it out makes my body feel like it’s being shattered.

Probably my internal organs are messed up.

My mouth is filled with blood and iron.

Even for me, it’s my first time experiencing this kind of damage.

But hey…

If it’s only this… there’s no way I can’t get up on my own.


Overcoming the pain, I raised my upper body. At that moment I could hear a voice coming from where Kureha was…

I tried to say ‘don’t worry’, but only a weird ‘hyu hyu’ sound came out. Uwaa, without a doubt I am losing my internal organs…

“Nii-san… You can’t… Don’t move! If you do that you’re gonna die!”

What are you saying? Even though you are always treating me like your sand bag.

But—I will thank you just now.

Because—If I wasn’t trained by you and mom, I wouldn’t be able to wake my body up now.

“gah… Ahhh…”

With my feet trembling, I anxiously took a step onto the asphalt.


Since I am standing up, I will leave sleeping to later.


Some elegant beautiful hair appeared before my eyes.

It’s Suzutsuki.

She was standing in front of me with her arms wide open.

Perfectly blocking my way.

“Don’t move! Do you understand the situation that you are in right now?”


When I said that with a grazed voice, Suzutsuki just let out a “Heh?”.

“You didn’t hear me? Get out of my way, Suzutsuki”

I spat out those words, overwhelming her.

I pushed Suzutsuki’s body away with my arm that was covered with wounds. She moved out of my way, completely stunned.

Now, walk.

Wear the sole of my shoes out if needed.

Yes—Right now I have something I must do.

The only thing I can do is…

“…Ko– Konoe.”

I somehow managed to reach out for the crying Butler while trying to breathe properly.

I stretched my hands towards her face.

With my fingers dyed in blood, I slowly reached out to those cheeks where tears were streaming down.


Stopping herself from crying for a moment, she called my name.

Well—It’s time.

Sometimes I’ve got to show you my ‘not a chicken’ side, am I right?

If not, I will never look cool, right?


I can’t let her cry anymore.

“Did you see what happened just now…? I was thrown away quite far. It was a bit dangerous”

After letting out such words from my trembling lips, I laughed with a dry voice.

By only doing that, my body creaked.

A shocking pain.

It felt like my entire body was being chewed by a giant monster.

But, I have to resist.

I can’t fall just yet.

“Well, my opponent was a big truck after all. It can’t be helped that my body is like this now. But hey…”

Saying that, I started coughing.

What landed onto the asphalt had a stagnant red color.

Just to help the situation, I could feel both my legs trembling.

Yes, just like a new-born sheep.


No. This is just perfect.

A sheep.

I think I look like a sheep right now.

This poor completely wasted appearance.

The me right now, instead of a chicken bastard—I bet I look a lot more like a failing, newborn lamb.


“But… You know Konoe…”

I tried to speak desperately.

Of course.

No matter how much stronger I get, even if you call me a chicken or a sheep.

There’s one thing I can’t concede.

Even the weak—even as someone so weak, we still have our willpower.

“— I still haven’t died—“

I said it clearly.

I said that from my own lips.

“You got it? Maybe because I was raised in such a family, but I won’t die so easily. Even if the truck had hit me head on, I still wouldn’t die. I won’t die like that. That why… That’s why I—“

Won’t die from a simple disease!

— Yeah.

I won’t die.

Because even after being hit by a truck, I didn’t die.

I won’t die because of a cold— Not from any disease.

I can’t afford to die.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t raised to be so weak.

“That’s why— You should go back to the mansion. You don’t have to worry so much anymore. You don’t have to cry. You don’t have to be sad. Just relax and return home.”

“… …But Jirou…”

It was clear from her face that she was completely uneasy.

In response to that I will laugh again.

Yes, in order to not make this girl cry again.

“Ha. Hahaha. Don’t make that face. Even though I look like this, I am completely fine.”


“It’s okay. I promise you. I— I won’t pass on so easily.”

Saying such with a strong voice, I did my best to give her a smile.


If Konoe could just relax a bit with that.

This is probably all I can do right now.

I am not strong— This is the best this weak me could do for her.

This is the worst show I’ve ever done.

But, sometimes it’s okay, right?

No matter how bad it is.

It’s millions of times better than her crying.


Deep silence.

The darkness was sinking in the night sky.

After a brief silence, Konoe finally responded to my words by weeping fresh tears and putting on the best smile she could.

“Yes— I understand, Master.”

She bowed deeply.

Aaah… Good bye… my butler.

You just have to have said that.

Wearing a smile, I dived elegantly into the blood-dyed asphalt.

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(1) Every morning the NHK radio plays a serious of exercise for peoplpe to practice. If you are interested, you can look here for a Youtube video on it, or here for a wikipedia Article.

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