Finally back

Hello my children! How are you doing? Did you miss Nurin in the last year? Did you enjoy your Xmas present?

So this is really official! Mayo Chiki! is really back, it was not just a joke by whitey or anyone. While still busy, I am managing to keep some “regular translation schedule” so we should more regular updates!

Well, you may be already tired from all the long talk that I always do right?


So eat this! Chapter 4-1!

P.S. I haven’t been really active for the last year, but I am thinking about talking shit again on twitter, so if you want you can follow me here!

See ya next time!

We’re Back

And this time, we’re here to stay!

Consider this a xmas gift or a xmas miracle or whatever you want, but it’s true: Nurin is back with much more regular updates, and Mayo Chiki will continue!

With our current schedule we’re planning to upload one part of Volume 2 Chapter 4 every 2 weeks, then move to a weekly upload schedule.
But for now, enjoy the return of Mayo Chiki with a full chapter: we’re reopening with Volume 2 Chapter 3 fully uploaded and edited!

Enjoy! And Merry Christmas!

– Whitesora

Volume 1 PDF and ePub are Avaiable

Hi everyone, sorry for the wait. The first volume of Mayo Chiki is now avaiable in both PDF and ePub formats! Enjoy!


– Whitesora

Errr… Today I don’t have enough imagination to give a name to this post.

Hello, there’s a long time that I don’t post here, right? 2 or 3 months? Well, sometime soon I will be able to post more, but today I just brought to you Mayo Chiki! Vol 2 chapter 1!!!

Enjoy your reading, and if you find any mistakes in the links(Next page/previous page) report it to me, I tend to leave a little tail when I’m using CTRL+C and CTRL+V… 😀

Fernandao back from Japan after winning the Club World Cup in Japan.

This is my little tribute for a great soccer player that died today. I wish that he rest in peace.

A long wait is finally over… Or no?

Heya! My children! I am finally done with volume one, after a long time I got rid of this!

Well, you guys will have to wait a bit until the next update though, because I am pretty busy last days, so it will take me a while!

Long story short, enjoy Mayo Chiki! Vol 1!

Long time no see!

OK, Long time no see guys! I had some problems with my computer so it was hard to work. Anyways, the chapter 5 is now complete, and i plan to finish chapter 6 next week! So we will have the volume complete! The PDF and Epub won’t be released so soon even if there is people to do it because I have to make some corrections on the first chapters and match it with the docs and etc etc…

So, I hope that you guys can have fun with the reading, now I am going because it’s time for the black tea! 紅茶は美味しいデース! 😀

RL is such a bastard

Hello my children! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Well, sorry for taking almost 18 days to update… It was a mix of RL stuff, lazyness, OSU, final exams(Or mid terms) in other words it was a complete mess. The chapter 4 is complete, but still some parts that will get updated until the sunday, but just little stuff! The chapter is already completely readable, there should be no problems.

Anyways, I pretend to finish all the stuff to the next week, so we should have the volume 1 complete soon!

Just enjoy! Have fun!

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